Getting Online – Web Hosting

So you want a website – where do you begin?

  1. Purchase your domain name
  2. Purchase some web space to host the site
  3. Hire a designer to create your site
  4. Upload your site and ensure Search Engine Optimisation is working

I can manage your journey from your initial idea to having an online presence.

I’ll purchase the domain, register the correct DNS records and setup an appropriate web hosting package for you.

We work with a number of agencies and designers so we can recommend the best fit for your project – from a one page on-line calling card to a digital web magazine and everything in between.

Together we can get you online, on time and within budget!




Getting Online – Productivity with Office365

Generally as a business you need email and a website.

These days a lot of workers need remote access to their email and likely, business documents too.

What about the cost of productivity software like an office suite or email client – do you need to provide your staff with software for home use as well?

Office365 is a range of services bundled together that covers those issues  – the pricing structure is per user, so you know exactly what it will cost you monthly.

I can purchase and register ( or migrate) your domain name – set up your company email and user accounts and then provision your staff with the latest Microsoft Office software.

Each licensed user can install the software on up to 5 devices  – iPads, smart phones, laptops or home computer.

You can share documents with other staff or people outside of the office and you can access your documents online or keep  a synced copy on your home computer.

Skype for Business is available in some packages so easy video conferencing is available too.