Rates 2015

My rates are either PAYG or a block of hours you can work your way through.

Support options:


£55 per hour on site

£27.50 per hour remote

£50 per hour for block of 5 hours or more paid upfront – hours do not expire and can be used in increments of 30 mins.


Monthly Contract:

£27.50 per full time user ( inc of mobile email, ipad, laptop, etc)

£55 per server ( active management, antivirus, backup and restore, security updates)

inc of unlimited email / phone requests

inc of half day on site per month, non-rolling ( 4 hrs)


Per Project:

Negotiable rate per project, depending on scope.

If a job runs over by small amount of time, you won’t be charged. If you call me out on a PAYG rate for a number of hours, I’ll charge you block hours.